Get rid of the “cheat day” idea during the holidays

Such a different holiday season this year, but many of us are enjoying the holiday treats and goodies, regardless of the social gatherings taking place.

Whether you’re having turkey with family or something non-traditional but equally delicious, the holidays are centered around food and eating!

The holiday season can make a lot of people feel stressed and anxious especially because many feel like they won’t be able to control themselves around all the delicious foods.

If you’re struggling with your weight or you have a complicated relationship with food, you CAN enjoy the holidays without guilt.

It starts with getting rid of the “cheat day” idea. The word “cheat” tends to imply something negative, almost like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.

And you aren’t. You are enjoying food with your family & loved ones.

You don’t need permission to do this, even if you’re trying to lose weight.

Instead of focusing on being in a calorie deficit on the 1-2 actual holiday days, that you might or might not celebrate, I want you to focus on enjoying the day, the food, and your family.

You’re likely not going to put on fat pounds during these 1-2 days. If anything you’ll likely put on water weight because of the salt in these foods. But remember 1-2 days of enjoying food is not going to ruin your weeks/months of hard work and progress. Think of these 1-2 days as a break to recharge!

If you have tons of appetizers, entrees, side dishes & desserts to choose from, prioritize your top faves. Go with the foods you love that you don’t get to enjoy often.

Stuffing is a HUGE fave of mine, I always make sure my plate has enough of this instead of a side dish like mashed potatoes since I really don’t care for them.

You don’t have to eat everything just because it’s there. Be mindful and select the foods that you love and have a preference for!

You already know this is coming.. but try to have a few vegetables with your meal! Adding a little side salad to your plate gives your plate color, volume, and looks physically pleasing to the eye.

Plus, vegetables are naturally lower in calories, so you’re already decreasing your overall calorie intake in a meal by adding a few vegetables or side salad to it.

Lastly, you’re likely going to feel full from your meal(s). Maybe even bloated. Don’t get into your head and try to blame yourself. We all tend to overeat sometimes.

If this happens to you, accept it, because there’s no going back anyway and blaming yourself isn’t going to help.

Try and go for a walk or do something a little active- like washing dishes or playing games with the family. This will help you take the focus away on that full, sometimes uncomfortable feeling.

Just know tomorrow is a new day and you’re going to be okay moving forward.

Focus on the memories you’re making with your family and the break you’re taking because you need it. You’re human. You don’t need to try and act superhuman because you’re trying to lose weight.

Letting yourself feel guilty for enjoying the holidays is not going to improve your relationship with food. It’s all about the balance, remember that!


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