Feeling Overwhelmed Losing Weight? Try This One Thing!

I know, firsthand, how overwhelming it can be to lose weight.

You gotta think about what to eat, how to prepare it, when to grab it… when to exercise, how often to exercise, how long to exercise… it goes on and on.

But hey, I’m a HUGE fan of small, sustainable changes that are realistic to implement!
If you don’t know where to start, how to start, or when, I have one little tiny tip that can be a GAME CHANGER for you…

Eat. More. Veggies.

That’s it!

Start there and only there!

Okay, hear me out before you say Ravleennn, ughhh, such a dietitian-y thing to say.

We all need an adequate amount of vegetables daily. Vegetables provide our bodies with essential health-promoting nutrients such as iron, folic acid, potassium, vitamin A, fiber, etc.

Vegetables also play a HUGE role in weight loss.

I mentioned vegetables have fiber, and fiber is key to promote that state of feeling full. This satiation will help you feel content which will help you eat less to allow you to steadily lose weight.

Also, vegetables are known to be a low-calorie food. One cup of sliced cucumbers is roughly 14 calories!

Imagine having chicken and rice for dinner. You may have 1 cup of rice and a standard size of chicken breast cooked in 1 tsp of oil = 516 calories.

Now imagine having 1 cup of sliced cucumbers with your dinner instead of only having chicken and rice. Adding cucumbers to your meal can easily mean you’ll add 3/4 cup of rice and a standard size of chicken breast cooked in 1 tsp of oil = 446 calories.

Why do I assume you’ll have less rice?

When we eat a meal, we need our plates to visually look like there’s enough food there to sustain us in that one meal.

Once you add some cucumbers to the mix, you’ll have less room on your plate for calorie-dense foods = fewer overall calories in your meal with your plate still looking full & visually appealing!

Consuming less rice by cutting only 1/4 cup ALSO means you just saved yourself 70 calories in ONE meal, just by adding some veggies!

When you add vegetables to your meal, you’re adding volume without adding tons of calories.

This will HELP you lose weight AND keep you full!

So that’s it!

One small little change.

Add a few extra vegetables to your meals to help keep your overall calorie intake low while providing your body with the key nutrients it needs!

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@gabrielgurrola

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