4 Tips To Stay Consistent On Weekends!

Are you really good about being disciplined throughout the week while achieving your weight loss goal? Do you find that when Friday evening rolls around, it all goes out the window?

It’s so much easier staying on track during the week. We have a schedule to follow, work/school to get to, meal prep is usually read to go.. the day flies by. The week is over before we know it!

The weekend falls upon us and there’s just more downtime to go out and enjoy good food at your favorite restaurant, social events filled with yummy treats, and movie night with pizza & ice cream.

We also tend to drink more alcohol on the weekend which piles the calories on as well.

You want to try your best to stay on track during the weekends as you do during the weekdays because a care-free weekend can potentially un-do a good week of staying on top of your calorie & exercise goal for weight loss.

Calories count on the weekends also!

But you’re human. It’s important to enjoy weekends which may include eating out with your friends or family.

I have a few easy tips for you to help you stay consistent on weekends so you’re able to continue to lose weight consistently!

1. Be mindful of alcohol consumption.

A 5 oz glass of wine = 125 calories. Trust me when I say, I know it’s easy to drink 20 oz of wine and feel like you can drink more. When we pour a glass of wine, our pours are rarely 5 oz but more around 7-8 oz! You think you had 2.5 glasses of wine but in reality, you had 4 = 500 calories!

2. Meal prep for the weekend!

This has been a huge game-changer for me. I’d do so well meal prepping for the week but once Saturday rolled around, the fridge would be empty, forcing me to order out for lunch & usually dinner. Nothing wrong with ordering out or eating outdoors at a restaurant but since foods at restaurants tend to be more calorie-dense, it’s a good idea to limit eating out to 1-2x/week.

I never particularly cared to eat out all day on a Saturday, I just didn’t prepare meals ahead of time. Now, I have a game plan for what lunch will look like on Saturdays.

3. Portion takeout if you need to.

A cheeseburger with a small side of fries and a hot fudge sundae at McDonald’s is 850 calories!

You can enjoy the cheeseburger and skip the fries if you want the sundae = 630 calories or enjoy the cheeseburger with half the fries + half the sundae = 575 calories.

Portioning takeout can save you hundreds of calories and you’ll usually find that you’ll be satisfied with a portioned amount. We tend to eat the whole thing because it’s just there or because we don’t want to waste it.

4. Stay on top of eating enough vegetables!

This one is huge! You don’t want to skip eating vegetables at your meals all weekend long. Vegetables provide you with volume to help keep you full. The more hungry you are, the more you’re likely going to want the full-on cheeseburger, fries & sundae.. a portion is just not going to cut it for you!

Stay full and keep your hunger in check by making sure you eat enough vegetables. And if you’re eating out or ordering takeout, you might not eat enough vegetables at a meal or two during the weekend but there are 7 potential times to includes vegetables at your weekend meals (including Friday night dinner), excluding snacks! A little planning will help you stay on top of eating enough!

You can continue to enjoy the weekend fun while losing weight! A little planning & mindfulness will help you stay consistent while trying to lose weight.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@kimbroughdaniels

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