How To Eat MORE Food While Losing Weight

Today we’re talking about volume eating!

Volume eating is important to understand not only for weight loss but for overall health as well.

As mentioned in last week’s post it’s easy to feel hungry in a calorie deficit since we’re eating less than what our body needs to lose weight.

Volume eating is eating foods that are larger in volume but generally lower in calories. This can be helpful to manage hunger in a calorie deficit.

The concept of nutrient-dense vs. calorie-dense becomes important to understand here.

This slide is from a nutrition seminar I gave to a corporate company back during my clinical days.

An example of a nutrient-dense food is a banana = about 100 calories.

An example of a calorie-dense food is three lifesaver type candies = about 100 calories.

Notice, the calories are the same but with the banana, we get more volume of food, healthy vitamins & minerals our body needs, and fiber to help keep us full.

The candies are mostly providing us with calories and not many nutrients but are completely fine to have if you’re craving it/don’t care for a volume-rich food.

This is the whole reason flexible eating is possible- you get to decide on what you want to do with your calories: focus on volume if you’re hungry or eat something delicious if you’re content.

But keeping volume eating in mind before hunger hits is still really important because bigger meals with fewer calories can help you stay in a calorie deficit while potentially having room to enjoy fun foods!

What are some awesome volume-friendly foods to include in your eating regimen?! I got you!

Notice, these foods are nutrient-dense meaning they are providing vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, and protein to our diet.

Nutrient-dense foods are nourishing to our bodies, not only for weight loss but for overall health & well-being!

Make sure to include a variety of volume-friendly/nutrient-dense foods in your eating regimen. The balance of having both worlds of healthy foods and fun foods is key for health & happiness!

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