Tips To Get You Unstuck In An Exercise Rut

Sometimes we can get bored of the foods we are eating while trying to lose weight.

But we can also get bored of our exercise regimen and feel like we’re stuck in a rut. It may no longer feel fun like it used to.

And we know exercise is important to not only create a healthy calorie deficit to lose weight but it’s also important for overall good health- reducing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes & heart disease, improving mental health & mood, and helping you sleep better at night.

Falling into a workout rut can happen. So before you decide to stop working out altogether because you no longer feel motivated, I want you to try and switch your regimen.

A friendly reminder that motivation comes in waves. Do not only rely on motivation to get your workout done. Weight loss is largely discipline, not motivation!

How can you switch up your workout regimen to feel love for working out consistently?

A few ideas for you!

Workout with a friend!

It can be so nice to have company around to help you power through any workout. It’s fun and feels so much easier when someone is right next to you working just as hard as you during an intense workout.

Working out with a friend gives you an extra push for your workout while catching up with a friend at the same!

Try a new workout!

Sometimes you just need to switch things up! I can 100% relate to this. I felt like I was the queen of HIIT for so many years. I truly enjoyed it during my 20’s. But as I entered my 30’s, I just didn’t feel like I loved it as much anymore.

I still do HIIT once/week but now I enjoy biking intervals and running sprints on the treadmill. I’m still active but in a way that I enjoy.

Set realistic goals.

Remember, we’re human at the end of the day. Life is going on all around us as we’re trying to stay consistent with exercise, nutrition & losing weight.

Unless I have a student who really wants to exercise 5-6x/week and is comfortable with it, I have the majority of my students exercise 3-4x/week because I know they can be sustainable with a regimen that does not feel overwhelming.

Be realistic with whatever goal you set because sustainability > feeling overwhelmed and taking on more than you handle.

Change the scenery!

If you exercise at the gym- workout at home or outside.

If you exercise at home- workout outside or at the gym.

You’d be surprised at how good it feels when you merely change the scenery.

Take a new class.

Maybe you’ve been working out on your own or taking a virtual class for a specific type of exercise.

Switch it up! Try new things!

HIIT, pilates, yoga, strength-training, F45, Orangetheory.. you never know what you’ll enjoy!

Switch the time of day you exercise!

I had no idea this would work so great but when I was feeling stuck in an exercise rut, I went from exercising during my lunch hour to the mornings.

I had no idea I would enjoy it so much because I am NOT a morning person at all but it’s been such a game-changer. Feels so great to get up, focus on exercise and get it done.

I am no longer anticipating the workout I have to get done later.

And feel free to utilize multiple ideas listed at the same time. There is no right or wrong answer, figure out what works best for your lifestyle.

The goal is to get you moving in an enjoyable way!

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