Why You’ve Struggled To Lose Weight For Years

Sit back in your chair right now and think back to a few years ago.

Do you feel like you’ve constantly spent so much time and energy on gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, and losing weight?

Different diets, different workout regimens, you’ve constantly worked at it.

Why are so many of us constantly struggling with our weight year after year?

Why is it harder than you expected to hit that goal weight and move on with your life?

Or if you can hit that goal weight, why is it hard to maintain that weight loss and prevent the weight from creeping back on?

A few major reasons why.

Giving up when you do not see a consistent weight loss each week on the scale.

I understand. I’ve been there. Putting in a lot of hard work to hop on the scale to see that it stayed the same or even increased in number is so disheartening.

You begin to blame yourself, backtrack in your mind and start thinking about each moment of the day, where you went wrong, how you should have exercised for 35 minutes yesterday because 20 minutes was probably not enough, how maybe it was the bite of chocolate you had for dessert or the glass of wine you enjoyed with your friends.

Or worse.. maybe it’s just YOU. Maybe YOU are just not capable of losing weight, maybe it’s just your body or your genetics that’s preventing you from hitting your goal weight.

The lack of results and beating yourself up over it followed by feelings of defeat and hopelessness makes you want to give up.

And when you do give up, you realize in a few months you DO want to see results, so you get back up and pray this time will be different, while unknowingly being trapped in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

You are NOT the exception to the rule. You can lose weight and in a flexible way. And I don’t need to tell you again but you know very well by now that scale WILL fluctuate.

Your only job is to keep going. The results will show!

Having unrealistic expectations to eat only clean.

I see this happening all the time because people have been taught to believe that certain foods are harmful to their progress- ice cream, chocolate, chips, carbs.. if you eat them, you’ll never lose weight.

It’s unrealistic to put this expectation on yourself in a culture full of delicious foods everywhere around us.

I encourage all my students to stay on top of their fruit & vegetable intake but I also encourage them to stop restricting and feeling guilty over enjoying foods they want.

Think of it like this. The more you say no in your mind to a food you want, the MORE you’ll want that food and in portions that you will have ZERO control over.

Eating portions of foods you love can HELP you lose weight! Tell yourself this the moment you second guess if eating a cookie is a good idea or not. 🙂

The next one is big, so get ready for it.

Focusing on only achieving your goal weight vs. the lifestyle change you need to keep the weight off.

Pause. Re-read that sentence.

I know you’ve heard “lifestyle change” a million times. But have you taken the time to understand what that really means?

Anytime you are working towards a goal, it’ll feel motivating.

Losing weight is fun. You see the scale dropping, the muscles you’re building, how comfortable the clothes are fitting, the compliments you’re receiving, the amazing energy you’re feeling.. it’s such a high hitting that goal weight!

Now comes weight maintenance and the SAME work is required to keep the weight off. Exercising, grocery shopping, meal prepping, getting in those steps, aiming for adequate fruit & veggie intake, getting in protein, mindfulness and moderation, all without seeing all the fun stuff your saw during the weight loss process!

I honestly LOVE this lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for a thing because I have enough balance to not make it feel like work but it’s tough for a lot of people to continue working hard at maintaining their weight without the gratification of seeing the scale move anymore.

That’s why I always tell my students as they begin their flexible eating journey with me that they are starting a new life… to get them in the mindset that this is forever.

And I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds when you do not make it overwhelming and hard on yourself. But it does require effort.

That’s why it’s important to be realistic with your nutrition and exercise goals.

If what you are following right now to lose weight is not something you can do forever, maintenance will likely be very difficult.

Oh, what’s that I hear?

Flexible eating is life? Come on, you already knew.

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