Game-Changing Hydration Hacks!

You will have phases in life where you are great at drinking enough water and phases where you just don’t even think about prioritizing it.

Regardless of which phase you are in, we need to be drinking enough water daily!

If you’re interested in knowing how much water you need, you can read more about it here.

Today, we are talking about specific tips to help you drink more water that has helped me and many of my Flexible Eating 101 students.

Tip #1: Use a water bottle with time markers. I’ll link a really good one here for you. As you can see on the water bottle, there are markers with specific times for when you should be finishing a certain amount of water. It helps you stay on track during the busy workday!

I particularly liked the water bottle I linked because it’s 32 oz, can fit in the cup holder of your car if you are on the go, BPA free, and has a filtering part to the lid making it easy to infuse your water.

Tip #2: Use a straw! I personally do not prefer plastic straws on some water bottles because they are hard to clean and keep sanitary. Another reason I like the water bottle I linked for you since there’s no built-in straw.

But using a straw does help you drink more water. You can purchase metal straws and use them in your glass or bottle of water to help you drink more water. I’ll link the ones I have here. These are a bit long and perfect to use in a 32 oz water bottle.

Tip #3: Flavor or infuse water with mint leaves, lavender, lemon or lime juice, cucumber, strawberries, oranges, etc.

A great way to add some flavor to your water to help you drink more of it!

Tip #4: Always keep a water bottle or glass of water next to you as you’re working. This one is so big!

When you have to constantly get up to go drink water, you’re going to drink less of it. And when you’re in the zone of working, hours can go by without even thinking about drinking water.

Having water within eyesight and easily reachable as you work will help you drink more it!

Prioritize hydration, you’ll feel better drinking enough water!

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