Case Study: Two Flexible Eaters, Two Different Weight Loss Journeys

One of the best parts about being a weight loss dietitian is following people on their weight loss journeys to find what works and what does not work for them.

I’ve been doing this a long time and I absorb everything my students tell me about their experience because it’s an opportunity for me to share these experiences with others with the hope that it may inspire or help someone who’s struggling!

Everyone’s weight loss journey is so different and finding what works best for you is SO important, I can’t even tell you this enough.

Today, I want to share a case study on two students in my Flexible Eating 101 Advanced course who both lost weight with flexible eating.

Student A: Lost 16.2 lbs in two months and ate all her meals at home. She also stayed away from alcohol.

Student B: Lost 6.3 lbs in two months and went out to eat 3-4x/week. She drank within moderation about 2x/week.

The first thing we notice is student A lost a lot more weight than student B over two months.

Losing more weight does NOT mean it’s automatically better.

Lifestyle is important to consider with weight loss.

The majority of people I meet want to learn how to lose weight as fast as possible.

And I get it. I used to think this way as well. Let me just bite the bullet for 6 weeks, go strict, cut myself off from the world, lose this weight and get back to living life.

But unfortunately, this never works.

The second you get back to living life, you have no idea how to navigate birthday parties, work potlucks, and happy hour with friends.

You end up gaining a lot of the weight you lost right back on, sometimes even faster than the time it took to lose it!

That restriction period you put yourself through makes you feel hungry and out of control when you do allow yourself to eat foods you enjoy again.

Student A lost a lot of weight over two months but was fine with eating at home and not drinking alcohol since she was mostly a social drinker and during this time, her city was in full-on lockdown.

Student B still experienced incredible results over two months while being able to live the lifestyle that worked for her- eating out and enjoying drinks with her friends a few times/week.

The best part about student B being able to lose weight while living life is building the experience she needs in these situations to learn portion control and balance. This sets her up for long-term success! Master it and learn it forever!

Remember, the number on the scale is one piece of the puzzle when we look at sustainable weight loss. Understanding the lifestyle you need to keep the weight off forever is many different pieces that can take time to master.

Be patient with your progress, you are in competition with yourself and no one else.

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