4 Things I Want You To Know About Your Weight

When I would work with people interested in losing weight I’d ask them their current weight.

Many would give me a range of where their current weight lies, followed by telling me they aren’t sure why it fluctuates like something is wrong with being between 140-145 lbs vs. just 142 lbs.

And I would tell him, you’re human and this is completely normal.

These conversations are the inspiration for today’s post!

There are four things I want you to know about your weight.

You are never just ONE weight. It’s normal to fluctuate between 2-5 lbs.

Our bodies are really sensitive to fluid retention. Whether it’s hormonal changes, stress, or high salt intake, our bodies can hold onto water easily, contributing to weight fluctuations.

If you weigh yourself on your weight loss journey and you are 140 lbs, tomorrow you might be 142.6 lbs, and the day after 140.6 lbs, and a week after, down to 138.7 lbs.

Don’t automatically feel like you’re doing something wrong when you see the scale number jump around. It’s likely just a fluctuation and not a reflection of your hard work!

It’s normal to be 5 lbs heavier at the end of the day.

When we wake up in the morning, we haven’t eaten anything for at least 7-9 hours. We might have had a little water but likely very minimal.

As we eat food throughout the day and drink different beverages from coffee to water, our stomach expands as volume is brought in. This volume of food entering your body throughout the day is contributing to a higher scale weight in the evening.

That’s why I always like to say stick to weighing yourself in the morning since there can be a lot of variability in what and how much we are eating during the day.

Your weight alone can’t reflect fat loss or muscle gain.

If you are engaging in strength-training, there’s a strong likelihood that you are putting on muscle mass, especially if you are new to resistance training or took a break and re-started again.

Since muscle is more dense than fat, you can very well be losing fat and putting on muscle while the scale number is showing that your weight is either staying the same or maybe even increasing in number.

It’s a great thing to have muscle mass on your body! (More on this a little later).

Don’t let this throw you off. Building muscle during a calorie deficit will usually level off, meaning the scale fluctuation won’t last the whole time during your weight loss journey.

Your weight can fluctuate for reasons known and reasons UNKNOWN.

There are a lot of reasons the scale can fluctuate. But sometimes when you wake up in the morning and step on that scale and notice the scale increase in number, you may have no idea why.

And I’m here to tell you.. it’s okay! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my weight would fluctuate during my weight loss journey and how many times I had no idea why.

But I would just shrug it off because although it’s annoying, I fully admit that, I can’t and WON’T let it impact my emotions and make me feel like I’m doing something wrong when I KNOW I’m doing all the right things.

If it can’t give me the complete picture, I know I can’t rely on it 100%.

You are working way too hard to let a fluctuation throw you off. That number will never be able to define your worth so shrug it off and keep going.

You got this.

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