No Time To Cook? Grab These Weight-Loss Friendly Foods!

We’re all busy. And we’ll never stop being busy.

Today, we are talking about weight loss friendly foods you can quickly grab at the grocery store when there is no time to cook!⁣

Sometimes, there is just barely enough time in the day to run to the grocery store but not enough time to prep and cook a meal.⁣

Been there, done that (multiple times).

⁣When this happens, there are a few go-to’s that I’d recommend that will help keep you on track when you’re short on time. Let’s get into it!

Salad kits: so easy to just toss and enjoy as a side, appetizer, or as an actual salad! A great way to get in greens/veggies/volume in your meal without chopping or cooking.

Don’t worry about the dressing that’s included. Some people fret over the sugar or salt. Never put too much focus on any one food making or breaking your weight loss journey. If something makes veggies or greens taste better- eat it. More vegetables are better, especially because it’s challenging to eat enough of the good stuff!

And anyway you get to control the amount of salad dressing you use. Use less salad dressing if you want, more if you want, or a homemade one if you prefer. It’s up to you! I always use the dressing included in the salad kit.

⁣Cut and peeled carrots: another quick way to get in a few vegetables without any cutting or prepping. I like to add them to any meal to increase overall vegetable intake. Easy!⁣

Chicken breast that’s already cooked: you just have to heat it and bam- an easy source of protein to add to your meal.

You can add this to a salad, pasta, sandwich, or just have it on the side. Whatever works for you. And don’t be afraid to dress up the chicken breast. It’ll come bland. Add soy sauce, salsa, hummus, pesto, etc. for some quick & easy flavor.

Canned beans: another great source of convenient protein. If you’re short on time, just drain, rinse, and enjoy with your meal.

If you have a few minutes, you can soften your beans on a pan for a few minutes, season, and enjoy!⁣ I love this in a salad or a quick taco with cheese, onion, cilantro, & salsa. Healthy and so satisfying!

Any baked bread: I love grabbing a quick baked bread that I just have to toast for a few minutes and can easily enjoy. It just feels fancy- especially from a good local market that bakes fresh rolls.

You can definitely use sandwich bread but I always feel like the baked breads make dinner feel a little extra special. You can try and find a whole grain, although options are usually limited. I just choose whatever sounds good to me- garlic, rosemary, ciabatta, etc!

Toast your favorite baked bread, spread on some butter, and enjoy with your meal as a convenient AND delicious carbohydrate.

So there we go. We have vegetables- salad and/or carrots, protein- chicken & beans, and carbs- bread. Have these foods any way you want- separately or part of a meal.

A quick & easy balanced meal when you have zero time to cook but still need something healthy, nourishing, AND satisfying!

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