Eating Healthy With A Busy Schedule

When you’re busy, the last thing you are thinking about is eating food, let alone, eating healthy food.

But learning how to eat healthy with a busy schedule is something worth prioritizing because once you get down HOW to do this, you are prepared for anything life throws at you!

The key is to not make it feel overwhelming and to stick with the basics. Less is more with a busy schedule.

You want to choose quick options that are low maintenance, don’t require tons of ingredients, and can be easily made without much effort/thought.

Plan options for protein, veggies, and carbohydrates. This way you can still build balanced meals to help keep you energized and content during the busy day.

Protein: I like to choose ground turkey or lean ground beef as a quick protein option. I don’t need to cut or chop anything and I can quickly throw it on a pan and it’s made in 7-ish minutes.

If you’re vegetarian, I’d recommend eggs or beans. Super simple as well- no cutting or chopping required and made in a few minutes. Sometimes I’ll rinse beans and add them to my meal but if I have a minute or two, I like to warm them on the stovetop with avocado oil and season with paprika or chile lime seasoning.

Veggies: This seems like it’ll be the hardest but there are a lot of convenient options available.

Salad kits will be your best friend. Trader Joe’s has a lot of great options but any grocery store will be fine when looking for a good salad kit. Costco has some awesome kits as well. You can control the amount of dressing and toppings you add that is a part of the kit to reduce the overall calories.

Baby carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes are awesome because you don’t need to prep them at all. Just enjoy on their own!

Frozen vegetables will also work great and are just as nutritious as fresh produce! I love to grab frozen riced cauliflower, bell pepper, and broccoli to keep in my freezer and use as needed. No prep or chopping, just add them to a pan, warm, season, and you’re done!

Carbohydrates: the easiest macro to bulk prepare and eat with a busy schedule! If I know I won’t have time to cook as much during the week I make brown rice, farro, or a simple whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce. Quick, easy, and stays fine in the refrigerator for about a week.

Sliced bread also works great if you’re really low on time. Toast your bread, add your favorite spread (butter or peanut butter) and you’re set. You can keep sliced sandwich bread in the freezer so it lasts longer as well!

You might be wondering about fats. I do not plan a separate fat for my meal because it’s usually added to my protein (cooking my eggs in a little ghee) or vegetables (using salad dressing or oil) and sometimes even my carbohydrate (using peanut butter or avocado on my toast). But you totally can!

Also, when you’re busy (or not busy), don’t be afraid of creating meals with unusual macro pairings such as peanut butter toast, ground turkey, and baby carrots. This is still a balanced meal to help you feel full and nourished!

Always make it easy on yourself and plan easy options that fit your busy lifestyle. The more simple you can make it, the easier it will be to stay consistent on your weight loss journey!

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