How To Make Vegetables Taste Better

Oh, you already know this was coming!

I’m all about balanced eating which includes eating enough carbohydrates during the day and honoring daily cravings for chocolate or hot cheetos.

Balanced eating ALSO includes optimizing nutrition and eating ENOUGH of the nutrient-dense foods that our bodies need for health.

This is why I emphasize eating enough vegetables and focusing on ADDING more to your diet vs. restricting.

And I know vegetables aren’t that easy for a lot of people to eat since they taste so-so.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat them, even if we don’t like them Our bodies need them!

But they don’t have to taste horrible either. And you don’t need to eat EVERY vegetable out there. Yes, variety is great, but if there’s a vegetable you just aren’t a fan of (celery in my case), don’t eat it.

There are so many other options to choose from and you WILL find plenty of options that you enjoy!

I have 7 tips on how to make vegetables taste better. Feel free to try several tips together to get in those greens!

Tip #1: Do not overcook vegetables

This is probably one of the most important tips because if you overcook your vegetables you’re not only killing off nutrients but they’ll taste limp and soggy. This is why I prefer to sauté my vegetables so I can cook them while maintaining that slightly crunchy texture

Tip #2: Use seasonings

Seasonings will bring life to your vegetables and there are so many different options.

A few of my favorites are garlic salt, onion salt, garlic powder, black pepper, Italian seasoning, oregano, chile lime seasoning, and Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. Don’t be afraid of using good old salt & black pepper as well!

Sometimes I use one seasoning and other times I use three. Experiment and find what you enjoy!

Adding lime or lemon juice is also a great way to add flavor to your vegetables.

Tip #3: Add fat

Fat adds flavor to your vegetables and helps with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins! I like to sauté my vegetables in ghee or avocado oil.

Tip #4: Pair two or more vegetables together

This is my secret weapon. Broccoli on its own is not my thing. But if I pair broccoli with red onion and bell pepper, it tastes so much better! This helps you eat more of a variety of vegetables as well which means more nutrients.

Tip #5: Try different cooking methods

Examples of different methods of cooking include sautéing, roasting, air frying, steaming, grilling, or even enjoying vegetables in their raw form.

Different methods of cooking will change the texture and flavor of your vegetable!

You can also enjoy your vegetables as a huge salad by utilizing different leafy greens. Salads fall under the vegetable category and are a fun way to switch things up instead of only having the traditional bulky vegetable.

Tip #6: Enjoy vegetables fresh

Vegetables taste best RIGHT as they are cooked when they are fresh.

Now I know we can’t always enjoy vegetables hot off the pan and sometimes we’ll utilize leftovers or meal prep (that still works most of the time), but if you struggle with vegetable consumption, maybe prioritize making fresh vegetables as often as you can.

You can try and prep vegetables for two days instead of four days. This way you do not have to prep each day but can still enjoy them soon after they are cooked, retaining freshness and flavor.

Tip #7: Combine vegetables into your meals

I used to be big about combination meals (combing vegetables with your carb and protein because of flavor enhancement) until I married my husband who feels like his meal is “ruined” when vegetables are mixed with carb and protein sources.

So we can probably say there are two camps of people-

Camp #1: The peeps that enjoy combining vegetables in their overall meal like a stir fry which improves the flavor of vegetables A LOT.


Camp #2: The peeps that prefer to have their salad or vegetables on the side because it just tastes better that way.

Both are acceptable. But if you struggle with vegetable consumption, adding them to your meals is worth a try!

Lots of fun ideas for you to make vegetables taste better. Keep experimenting and switching things up. Remain open to trying NEW vegetables, you never know what you’ll enjoy!

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