How To Re-Start If You’ve Been Struggling With Weight Loss

“I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.”

I hear this several times during the week from different people.

I won’t take time in today’s post to talk about why you’ve been struggling with weight loss for several years because we covered it in this article here.

Today, we are going to talk about how to re-start again because struggling with weight loss for multiple years is extremely draining physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And we don’t want to struggle forever. We want to find a better way!

Re-starting off strong is crucial.

And the way to re-start is to start SLOW.

Start with three things and master them very well.

Do not focus on anything else except for these three things.

Re-starting tip #1: add vegetables at every meal.

People struggle with eating enough vegetables because many people just do not like them.

Figure out a way to prioritize vegetables because eating enough is key to take advantage of volume eating (eating more in a calorie deficit) while also optimizing nutrition status- making sure you’re eating enough vitamins & minerals.

Ideas on how to make vegetables taste better or to simply eat more can be found here.

Re-starting tip #2: get consistent with exercise.

If you’re exercising 5x/week for two weeks and then feel overwhelmed and take a break for three weeks, you’re putting yourself in the position to yo-yo diet.

And oftentimes when we let go of exercise, we let go of being mindful with nutrition.

We don’t care for perfection but we do want consistency.

What type of routine is going to help you stay disciplined over the months until achieving your goal?

How many days of exercise during the week is realistic for your schedule?

Prioritize being able to be consistent over setting goals that make you fall off track.

Re-starting tip #3: surround yourself with supportive friends & family members.

Having support 100% helps you stay consistent on your weight loss journey otherwise weight loss can feel lonely if you’re doing it alone.

Go for a walk with a co-worker during your lunch break.

Grab a friend and try a new exercise class.

Ask your partner if they want to cook a fun new healthy meal at home.

Having people around you that are also inspired to be healthy (even if they do not have the goal to lose weight themselves) motivates you to continue to focus on lifestyle changes to achieve your goal weight.

That’s it. Focus on those three things for now.

Get them down well so you can re-start on a positive note that will set you up to stop struggling with weight loss for years.

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