All-Or-Nothing Mentality While Losing Weight

“I messed up my diet today, I might as well eat everything else now and start fresh tomorrow.”

“I really want chocolate, but I can’t have any until my next cheat day.”

“I’m going to eat everything I love on vacation and cut alcohol, sugar, and carbs when I get back.”

Can you relate to any of the following thoughts?

This is evidence of the all-or-nothing mentality.

The all-or-nothing mentality views foods as healthy or not healthy, black or white, good or bad. There’s no in-between.

You may believe that the only way to lose weight is by having an all-or-nothing mentality.

Unfortunately, many of us experience these thoughts that grew from being raised in a culture and society which promoted this mindset- whether it was at school, through the media, or at home.

You were convinced to believe that carbs or sugar were bad, that balance didn’t exist in the weight loss world, and extreme or restrictive measures were necessary to achieve results.

Now as an adult, you may find yourself struggling to lose weight AND keep it off.

This harmful all-or-nothing mentality focuses on restriction and deprivation.

Restriction makes foods sound more desirable than they really are making you lose control around portion sizes, resulting in binge eating behaviors.

Remember, we always want what we tell ourselves we can’t have and in bigger portions than normal to compensate for the restriction.

This thinking promotes an unbalanced relationship with food which ultimately keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

So how do you stop?

Mindfulness, balance, and practice.

Be mindful of any toxic thoughts you’re having and divert.

Don’t ignore the thought but coach yourself on why you know it’s not right and/or harmful.

Start creating more balance in your diet NOW.

Enjoy sweets, carbs at all your meals, or your favorite chips.

Do this each day if you need to, even if means your deficit is a little smaller each week so you’re able to get comfortable with creating enough balance.

And lastly, practice.

It took me years to un-do harmful thoughts and messages I was convinced to believe growing up.

But I was intentional in being mindful of my thoughts and incorporating balance in my diet.

Your thoughts won’t change overnight but each week, month, and year of effort will slowly change your mindset to have an inclusive vs. restrictive approach to health.

This puts you in the position to lose weight and successfully keep it off.

It all starts with the mind, protect and challenge it to evolve!

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