Do You Need A Protein Powder While Losing Weight?

I’ve always talked about how protein needs are high during a calorie deficit.

This is to optimize for fat loss and to preserve lean body muscle mass.

Do you need to take a protein powder during the weight-loss period, regardless of the type of exercise you do?

It all depends on your ability to meet your needs from the diet.

If you can meet your high protein goal by eating actual food, you don’t need a protein shake.

If it’s difficult for you to meet your high protein goal by diet alone, then it can be helpful to incorporate a protein shake into your eating regimen.

I usually find that most people would benefit from taking a protein shake at least once daily, especially if you are vegetarian or have a crazy schedule where optimizing protein in a meal is not always feasible.

Protein powder makes life so convenient.

No prep required, easy to throw together, you can take it on the go, it doesn’t spoil if you leave it at room temperature, and you can sip it in two minutes or over an hour (whatever works best for you).

It’s the easiest way to consume 25 grams of protein.

What are the best ways to take a protein shake?

Since you are in a calorie deficit and keeping calories in consideration, the best way to take protein powder is by mixing it in cold water, almond milk, or adding it to a smoothie for a protein boost.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for protein powder, I’d highly recommend PEScience.

I’ve been a chocolate protein powder lover all my life but so burnt out from it lately.

I tried the peanut butter cookie flavor and peppermint bark flavor from PEScience and LOVED them both.

Full disclosure- because I loved this powder so much, I contacted the company to become an affiliate and to get a discount code for you, so if you’re interested, use my code Flexible to save some money on your order.

Lastly, you don’t NEED to be taking a protein powder EACH day.

You can choose to take it often as you want based on your preferences and schedule.

Regardless, it’s convenient to keep on hand when you need it!

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