Biggest Reason People Find It Difficult To Lose Weight

I use Google for just about everything whether it’s how to get a stain out of my white couch to the best rated skincare products to air frying eggplant.

And a lot of people use Google to figure out the best way to lose weight.

But unfortunately, weight loss is extremely controversial.

And there are so many methods & theories posted online about the best way to lose weight, it leaves people confused & uncertain about what will work for them.

We read, “cutting carbs is the best way to lose weight.”

But then read, “you don’t need to cut carbs, your overall calorie intake matters most.”

We read, “try intermittent fasting and fast 16 hours out of the day.”

But then read, “don’t skip meals, skipping meals slows down your metabolism.”

We read, “try keto, it’s a high-fat diet and the weight will fall right off.”

But then read, “keto is not sustainable for many people and too much fat is bad for you.”

The plethora of contradicting information online is the BIGGEST reason people find it difficult to lose weight!

What the heck do you even focus on?!

A few things I want you understand.

Just because something is posted online, does not make it accurate or mean it’s the best way YOU should be losing weight.

Weight loss is extremely individualized (as it should be).

Any time you think about beginning any diet, you should be able to answer yes, that it truly makes you happy and it’s something you can follow forever.

Because if you think weight loss is work, you haven’t met weight maintenance.

Your methodology of losing weight MUST align with your lifestyle AND preferences.

And side note, I see A LOT of people convincing themselves that they love low-carb or fasting to lose weight but what they really love is the results and not the diet.

You can have both, I promise.

I’ve studied nutrition for eight years and I have also followed fad diets myself before learning how to make balanced eating work for me.

But learning how to be a flexible eater is the only way I was able to have a well-rounded relationship with food, lose weight, and keep it off.

So before starting any diet that does not match with your values, remember there are other sustainable ways.

Always think of both results AND sustainability.

And if you’d like to learn about how to be a flexible eater, apply for my course Flexible Eating 101 here.

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