What I Still Do In Weight Maintenance (That Started In Weight Loss)

I’ve lost 20 lbs as a flexible eater. I did this by tracking my macros to learn portion sizes.

And I’ve managed to keep this weight off because of realistic behavioral changes I made during the weight loss period that I have continued during weight maintenance.

Here are some of the things I did in the weight loss period that I still practice today while maintaining my weight:

Mindful movement- I pretty much sit all day while I work but I take work breaks to stretch, stand, and walk around, even for five minutes.

Hydration- I try and stay on top of drinking enough water as much as I can.

Sleeping early- especially during the weekdays. Good sleep is the foundation of health!

Prioritizing protein- although protein needs decrease in weight maintenance, I still try to make sure I’m consuming enough during the day. I’ve found that snacks higher in protein keep me full longer.

Consuming fruits & vegetables- weight loss taught me how to love vegetables. I continue to try and balance my meals with enough of these nutrient-dense foods for volume + health optimization!

Exercising- I’ve found a rhythm exercising about four days/week. It’s truly therapy for me.

Limiting alcohol- I love my red wine but alcohol is actually toxic on the body. Limiting alcohol during the week and saving it for outings, events, and vacations works best for me.

It’s important for you to know that I am not at all perfect every week.

I have plenty of weeks where I skip exercising as often as I normally would, eat fewer vegetables, and sleep later than I want to.

Life is all about the balance and never about perfection.

These habits that I’ve continued during weight maintenance are habits I really enjoy.

Habits that I miss if they disappear from my routine too long.

Habits that I continue because it’s no longer about the number on the scale but about feeling energetic and in good health.

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