Underrated Weight Loss Tip

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with what you’re eating while trying to lose weight. Even as a flexible eater!

You may tend to eat the same meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because IT WORKS.

You’ve eaten those meals before and have lost weight.

So you stick to eating those same meals with the same portion sizes because you don’t have to THINK about what to eat while losing weight and what the calories & macros are for any new meal you introduce into the mix.

I will completely admit that I did this for MONTHS while losing weight.

I’d eat the same meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I didn’t have to think about what new foods to eat while losing weight.

I knew eating a certain set of meals worked.

And I felt like I was so busy to experiment with adding other foods to my eating regimen.

There are a few problems with the lack of variety while losing weight.

I wasn’t satisfied with the food I was eating although I was convincing myself I was because I wasn’t restricting carbs.

But deep down, I knew adding in variety would help me feel enthusiastic about losing weight.

I didn’t realize it then but eating the same meals over and over, even if they are balanced with enough carb, protein, fat, and vegetable, is a form of restriction.

Those were my safe foods and venturing out increased the risk of potentially not losing weight that week.

Another big problem is that eating the same thing over and over didn’t help me learn how to navigate eating in real life.

Real life is full of variety and not learning how to confidently incorporate variety while losing weight made me feel out of control around new foods because of deprivation AND a lack of education regarding portion sizes for different foods.

So don’t fall into the same trap I did years ago thinking that because I was eating enough carbs and having dessert, I was a flexible eater.

You can lose weight by eating the same thing over and over but it doesn’t mean you’re learning the fundamentals needed to sustain the weight loss.

I know it requires a little extra effort but I have learned that planning ahead makes adding in variety feel effortless.

Thinking about which different foods to throw together to make a balanced meal will make you fall in love with healthy nutrient-dense eating because the more experimentation and exposure, the stronger the likelihood of you finding a delicious combination that works for you!

Eating MORE variety for satisfaction is such an underrated weight loss tip.

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