Advantages Of Calorie & Macro Tracking

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for several years and see people try different diets & eating regimens to lose weight.

But flexible eating has always been the one methodology of losing weight that I strongly support.

Today, I want to breakdown exactly why.

Calorie & macro tracking IS flexible eating.

Once you know your personalized needs, you are then able to eat whatever you want while losing weight.

Advantage #1:

Consuming a variety of foods!

Many diets emphasize restriction whether it’s cutting carbs like bread and rice or eat in a timed window. The focus is on removing things.

Flexible eating is all about ADDING to your eating regimen. The focus is on balance which can include enjoying carbs at all meals, having sweets or chips in the right portion size, and eating whenever works best for your schedule.

No restriction = no urge to binge eat and crash diet.

Advantage #2:

Being able to go out on the weekends and socialize!

This may include having pizza with your family or drinks with your friends. You can still feel like a part of the group while achieving your weight loss goals.

Eating foods out can sometimes be calorie-dense so exercising portion control is key.

Advantage #3:

Learning portion sizes!

The whole goal of calorie & macro tracking is to eventually feel comfortable with eyeballing foods and estimating portion sizes. NOT to track forever.

Estimating portion sizes helps you understand nutrition for your lifestyle and gives you the confidence to include a variety of foods in your eating regimen while losing weight.

Advantage #4:

Consistent weight loss!

We’ve all experienced those weeks where we tried so hard to lose weight but ended up without a net loss.

Customized calorie & macro goals gives you a formula to produce your desired result- weight loss.

Align the foods you are eating with your calorie & macro goals (and exercise goal if you have one) and lose x amount of weight each week (not considering scale fluctuations which happens to everyone).

And do so while eating foods YOU love.

The advantages of calorie & macro tracking also puts you in the position to understand weight maintenance.

Any diet can help you lose weight but not every diet can teach you how to keep the weight off long-term!

If you’re ready to master flexible eating, apply for my course Flexible Eating 101 here.

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