Can protein powder boost fat loss?

If you ever see a protein powder claiming to help decrease body fat.. don’t fall for it!

You probably have this idea in your mind that consuming more protein is probably a good idea while losing weight but might not be exactly sure when or how you made that realization.

And growing up with the idea ingrained into our brains, many figured, why not a protein powder to help accelerate weight loss?

So first of all, protein powders do not directly help you lose fat.

Nothing about them is magical, unfortunately.

However, when you’re in a calorie deficit and trying to lose weight, protein needs are HIGH! Probably a lot higher than you realize.

And this is because the body will try and break down your muscle and convert it to energy in a calorie deficit state.

To prevent your body from breaking down your precious muscle, you need to consume MORE protein to compensate. And you WANT to make sure to do this because I know you didn’t spend hours of your life powering through those intense weight lifting workouts for nothing! You want to hold onto that precious muscle you put on!

Consuming protein HELPS you meet your high protein needs throughout your weight loss journey, and meeting your protein goal is what helps your body focus on fat loss and preservation of your muscle mass!

So note, protein indirectly helps you lose fat.

You can meet your protein goals with actual real food and/or a protein powder supplement.

You want to focus on protein quality when looking for a good protein powder. I prefer a whey-based protein powder but any complete plant-based protein powder will work fine as well!

I’ve tried lots of protein powders and I’m a huge fan of PESscience. I highly recommend the peanut butter cookie flavor (my absolute favorite), frosted chocolate cupcake, or cookies & creme. My affiliate code Flexible can save you $!

Here are some fun ways I use protein powder in different recipes:

  1. The best peanut butter protein smoothie
  2. Delicious overnight oats
  3. High protein peanut butter yogurt
  4. Coffee protein smoothie

If you’re unsure of what your protein goal for fat loss looks like, apply for Flexible Eating 101 here.

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