How To Manage Sugar Cravings In A Calorie Deficit

We all have cravings for foods, and for me, sweets are on top of my daily list.

Most of the time I’m able to satisfy a craving for something sweet with a portion of the food.

For many, a portion never feels enough. The second these individuals allow themselves to enjoy something sweet, they feel a loss of control around the food and end up needing large portions to satisfy the craving.

Not being able to portion control sweets can make it difficult to stay within a calorie deficit for weight loss.

There are a few things you can do to manage sugar cravings in a calorie deficit.

Balance meals with enough carbohydrates.

Feeling satisfied with the meals you are consuming is important while losing weight.

Satisfaction makes you feel content and this contentment prevents you from feeling deprived.

Carbs are broken down to sugar in the body and eating enough can help you mange sugar cravings.

Don’t restrict, enjoy sweets!

Restriction is the reason why a loss of control around any food happens, resulting in a binge and crash.

Trying so hard to eat only “clean” or avoid foods that are calorie-dense can backfire later on you.

If you’re craving a food, enjoy it and move on. Don’t over-analyze or allow yourself to feel any guilt.

Make lower calorie alternatives.

It’s important to have a balance of lower calorie “healthy” alternatives and the real deal. Eating healthy cookies all the time can make you crave a richer cookie higher in calories (and other sweets at the same time).

Being in a calorie deficit likely means you may not be able to enjoy a hot fudge brownie sundae every day since foods that are the real deal are often higher on the calorie side- that’s what makes them so good!

Going for lower calorie alternatives on other days can allow you to have a satisfying portion of the sweet treat while keeping calories in consideration.

It’s possible to achieve balance and feel satisfied with the foods you are eating.

Being mindful and listening to what your body needs and is asking for is important for sustainable weight loss.

Understanding your calorie & macro goals can you help you achieve this balance with sweets. If you’re interesting in getting help with your custom goals, apply for my course Flexible Eating 101 here.

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