Things That Can Impact Your Weight

Your weight can be influenced by a direct or an indirect drive to eat more as well as fluctuations due to water retention (not fat gain).

Let’s talk about things that can impact your weight that are NOT directly related to calorie consumption.


Salt and water follow each other in the body. Increasing salt intake will make you hold onto water.

This often happens when we eat out since restaurant foods are often higher in salt.

Processed/packaged foods such as frozen entrees, chips, processed meats, cheeses, and canned soups can also contribute to water retention.


You might have heard of the stress hormone- cortisol.

When cortisol levels are increased in the body due to stress, appetite and cravings for calorie-dense, salty type foods increase.


Cortisol is just one hormone that can increase appetite. Other hormones such as leptin, ghrelin and insulin can also be involved in regulating hunger and appetite.


55-60% of the human body is made out of water.

Dehydration and water retention from sodium and hormone imbalances (like during menstruation) can impact water weight.

Heavy workout

Starting a new exercise or undergoing a heavy workout can cause scale fluctuations due to hydration status and inflammation from muscle damage repair.


Inadequate sleep can effect hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, and cortisol which can increase your appetite and cravings for calorie-dense foods.


Changes in carbohydrate consumption can cause changes to glycogen storage which can also influence water retention.

Control what you can- getting enough sleep, exercising consistently, eating balanced meals with fruits and vegetables, and managing stress.

Scale fluctuations will come and go, consistency is KEY to progress!

Knowing your exact calories and macros for fat loss can help you feel confident to be consistent, regardless of scale fluctuations that will happen during your weight loss journey. More information here on how to work with me here!

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